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XS | HEALTH offers exciting career opportunities for the most outstanding candidates in the medical fields.

If you are passionate about healthcare, dedicated to over-deliver and are amongst the best in your clinical field, we invite you to apply for any of our current openings. 

We consider applications nationwide and offer opportunities for traditional office settings as well as secured offsite assignments. 

XS | HEALTH rewards clinical excellence with a steady career path and possibility to advance and grow within the group for the right candidates - solely based on merit. 

XS | HEALTH conducts comprehensive background checks in compliance with applicable healthcare provisions and has a zero tolerance policy regarding clinical or ethical misconduct; substance abuse; workplace misconduct, or criminal activity.

XS | HEALTH promotes clinical excellence through initial and ongoing training, recurrent QA audits, and a structured pathway expanding your competency in specific clinical fields.

XS | HEALTH compensates fairly, commensurate with relevant expertise, and scaling with personal advancement and output. Training is compensated from the first day. 

XS | HEALTH considers qualified applications from all medical backgrounds. Explore our current openings below:



While this is an entry level position, it will expose you to medical records and develop your skill to interpret medical records quickly and efficiently, while also developing skimming techniques that prevent overlooking relevant clinical facts. 

Ideally, you have some previous experience in a medical setting, good to excellent written command of English, high frustration tolerance, and attention to detail. 


This is an intermediate position for medical professionals or medical professionals in training. Recent medical school graduates, International medical graduates, Residents may all apply. Nurses or mental health professionals may also apply. 

As Medical Records Analyst, you employ your medical training to analyze patient histories for one or more particular clinical questions and prepare a comprehensive brief for board-certified medical specialists who will continue their clinical care supported by your preliminary analysis.  

Excellent command of English is required; as is eagerness to learn and absorb new concepts with a dense volume of abstract and intertwined clinical circumstances.

This is an excellent position for emerging medical professionals, preparing you for a lifetime in clinical practice. 


Medical transcription requires attention to detail, a good fund of medical knowledge, and good to excellent command of written English.

If you already are familiar with medical transcription - forget everything you knew about medical transcription ! We employ sophisticated technology to make your job so much easier, allowing for more flexibility while delivering a better transcription product. 


This is an excellent position for an experienced transcriptionist who would like to push the boundaries of medical transcription and become part of the next generation of medical documentation where paper has no role; medical reports are optimized to fully serve their intent; and follow standardized concepts to make interchanging medical information effortless.  


The most senior of our current openings - requires comprehensive clinical expertise, a medical degree, relevant experience in the Quality Assurance field, and availability full-time. Excellent command of written and spoken English. 

Our QA associates need to be excellent teachers, providing continuous feedback to Medical Records Analysts and training them initially, but also reach out to Medical Transcriptionists to foster a culture of clinical excellence across all layers of medical records analysis. 

You need to be very proficient with all HIPAA, HITECH provisions and all applicable industry standards, ideally with evidence based guidelines for the practice of medicine, as well as an excellent communicator. 

XS | HEALTH invites qualified applicants to submit an application below.

XS | HEALTH will be unable to consider any application submitted without a current resume.

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